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What is The Full-Time Tourist?

The Full-Time Tourist, run by Deni Verklan, is an online travel blog with a global audience. The Full-Time Tourist is aimed at those with a passion for travel, but wish to avoid the ‘tourist’ crowd and stay on a budget. The blog also provides insight into traveling with food allergies and dietary restrictions- in particular, gluten-free and following a plant-based diet. Established in November 2014, The Full-Time Tourist has since provided its readers with authentic experiences to inspire them to make their own adventures and explore the world.

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Who are The Full-Time Tourist readers?

The Full-Time Tourist readers are primarily located in Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Brazil and Australia. Most fall into the 18 – 34 years old age bracket. Mainly female readership, with 61 per cent women and 39 per cent men.

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