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Gluten-free Pretzel and Chocolate Trail Mix

Three muffin cups filled with Gluten-free Pretzel and Chocolate Trail Mix from The Full-Time Tourist, 2016 © Photo by Deni Verklan.

While some people may pride themselves in eating healthy on a road trip, I pride myself in being able to eat during a road trip. Thanks to this pesky protein called gluten, it’s hard for me to find anything- aside from salad, fries and junk food- at your average rest stop. So when I went on a road trip to New York City about a week and a half ago, I knew I would have to stalk up on snacks to last me two 8-10 hour road trips.

Although I knew I would probably want something junk-y to satisfy me during the drive, I did my best to make this trail mix as healthy as possible.  Of course, this was partly because I want to you guys to think I’m super healthy (which I’m definitely not always) and because I knew that I would be wearing formal wear on my third night in NYC (more on that later).

Trail mix is a staple road trip snack and it’s easy to find and virtually any grocery store or bulk food store. But I’ve never been able to find one that I’ve absolutely loved. Some of them are too salty, some are too sweet and some don’t have enough chocolate. This was my first time making this particular mix and it was a hit during the early morning drives to and from New York. With loads of flavourful nuts, dried apricots, dried cranberries and vegan dark-chocolate covered acai berries, it kept me full and energized with its ample protein, fibre and healthy fats. Plus, this recipe yields so much that if you didn’t eat as much as I did over my 5-day trip, it could easily last a month. So without further ado, here is my recipe for Gluten-free Pretzel and Chocolate Trail Mix!

Gluten-free Pretzel and Chocolate Trail Mix

Prep Time                           Cook Time                          Yields

   7 mins                                 o mins                                Lots


2 c. Glutino’s Gluten-free Pretzel Twists

1 c. roasted, unsalted peanuts

1 c. shelled, unsalted pistachios

1 c. roasted, salted cashews

1 c. unsalted, halved pecans

1 c. roasted, unsalted almonds

1 c. dried apricots (*optional: cut into quarters)

1 c. dried cranberries

1 1/2 c. vegan dark-chocolate covered acai berries (* mine were not certified vegan, but did not contain any dairy or egg products)


  1. (Optional: Cut dried apricots into quarters.)
  2. Put all ingredients in giant ziplock bag or in large tupperware container and shake.

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Pink and white striped muffin cups filled with Gluten-free Pretzel and Chocolate Trail Mix from The Full-Time Tourist, 2016 © Photo by Deni Verklan.

What are your favourite trail mix combos? 

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