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Peggy’s Cove Is More Than The Most Photographed Lighthouse In The World

PEGGY'S COVE IS MORE THAN JUST THE MOST PHOTOGRAPHED LIGHTHOUSE IN THE WORLD. Somewhere along the way, the lighthouse became the undetachable epithet to the small town of 35 permanent residents: Peggy's Cove lighthouse. Although it was the main reason why I left Halifax to go visit, it only stole a small part of my heart. Here are the untold stories and sights of Peggy's Cove. (Photo by Deni Verklan, The Full-Time Tourist, 2016 ©)

Whenever I think of Peggy’s Cove, I think of its lighthouse. Maybe it’s because I grew up with a framed picture of my Grampie “lifting” the iconic Canadian lighthouse with one hand on my basement wall. Maybe it’s because of…

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