Packing carry-on only is a basically a superpower. You can avoid pesky airport scenarios like losing your luggage, being charged an overweight fee for checked baggage and lugging around a heavy bag all day. Plus, you can also get a little extra sleep or time in your destination as you don’t have to rush to the airport to make the luggage check-in time.

I recently discovered how amazing it is just to travel carry-on only. In the past two years, I have done three week-long trips to New York, a week-long trip to Quebec City and a two-week trip to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, during which I attended a wedding as the maid of honour – ALL by carry-on only. So naturally, when I was packing for my four-day trip to Vienna, Austria, carry-on only was a no-brainer.

Leading up to my trip to Vienna, a British luggage company called Cabin Zero reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try one of their 44L back packs. (Mine is in the colour Karma Blue.) Needless to say, Cabin Zero’s features peaked my interest! It fits most major airlines’ carry-on restrictions, it has global tracking and you can use TSA-approved locks on the zippers. Plus it comes with a 25-year warranty if you like them on Facebook. They were also so kind and sent me three packing cubes, which definitely helped keep my toiletries and clothes in order during my trip!

So today, I thought I’d share a video of what I brought along for my four-day weekend getaway to Vienna!

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What are your carry-on only packing tips? How long can you get away with packing carry-on only?

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