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How To Travel With Allergies And Dietary Restrictions

Welcome to the first-ever podcast episode of Travel Talk, where travellers talk about travel issues and diversity in travel! For Ep. 001, I am delighted to have Eliza Wasilik of elitravelbug on the show to talk about traveling with skin allergies and going vegan in South East Asia! Travelling with allergies is seldom talked about in the travel community, so I thought that Eli would be the perfect first guest on the show! The Full-Time Tourist, 2018 © Travelling With Allergies | Sun Allergy | Fabric Allergy | Polyester Silk Allergy | Gluten-free travel | Vegan Travel | Gluten-free and vegan

Something I’ve had to come to terms with while globetrotting is traveling with allergies. Growing up, my brother has had a severe peanut and nut allergy. He’s also anaphylactic. This means that even if he or his food touched a peanut…

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